Beautiful Wedding Dresses

It’s officially June! Yup, it’s the last month of 2013’s first half. Here in the Philippines, it’s the beginning of the rainy season and also the opening of a new school year or semester. Parents and kids are extra busy for the month of June because of the back-to-school shopping rush and preparation. Well that’s for them- but for single ladies like me (yes I am!), June is a month that comes to our mind for something special. It’s about a romantic fantasy we usually hear about for brides-to-be.

wedding-dresses-1I’m talking about being a June Bride who’s ladies getting married in the month of June. I really don’t know what’s special about June, because if we are talking about marriage and love then why February Bride isn’t as popular as June Bride? February is the love month, the month full or red,hearts,flowers,sweets and kisses but it keeps me wondering about it a lot.

With my voyage to know about the June Bride’s history, it’s actually most famous in the USA. June is said to be the month where that weather is at it’s BEST! From January to May, it’s is still cold in most of the USA and June is just right; warm, sunny, flowers bloom or in short it’s the best time for a wedding schedule. Sure you wouldn’t wish your wedding venue and guests being soaked in the rain right? It’s not really a tradition, but became a practice since every bride-to-be plans to have a wedding with a perfect weather. Another thing, June Bride is a classic movie in the year 1948 so that adds up to the popularity of the term.

wedding-dresses-3Then I just realized how that practice influenced us here in the Philippines, that even if June is a rainy month ladies here are also dreaming of this June Bride experience. Lucky if the weather is fine especially when you’re planning for an outdoor wedding like garden weddings or beach weddings. Just make sure you have Plan B.

Anyway, since it’s really just few days before the first day of June, I’m so happy to compile these wedding dresses or bridal gowns that would definitely suit your taste, class and fantasy dear bride-to-be. These are everything you’d ever wish to browse! Lovely, elegant, simple, stylish or anything about wedding dresses for 2013. Just by looking at them made me feel overwhelmed so how much more wearing them (soon!). Enjoy browsing lovely ladies! Don’t forget to like,share,comment or pin them on your Pinterest boards.

Cheap Wedding Dresses

cheap-wedding-dresses-2 cheap-wedding-dresses-3 cheap-wedding-dresses-5

cheap-wedding-dresses-1It’s not about the cost but it’s the thought that counts right? Practically, you’re about to start a new family so it’s never wrong to consider the cost of the wedding dress. Here are few designs that are very simple with regards to designs. So expect these are cheap wedding dresses that’s would be very pocket-friendly or should I say, husband’s-credit-card-friendly.

Simple Wedding Dresses

Being simple and cheap doesn’t mean a gown ain’t lovely at all. Remember that there’s lot of designers even not popular but very talented. Just be particular with your details so you won’t be surprised with the output. Simplicity is always beauty. 😉


Casual Wedding Dresses


If you want less elegant and of course less expensive wedding dresses, try browsing these casual wedding gowns. Usually, brides who had civil weddings (not held in the church) wore these type of gowns. It fits more the location.

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses


Foto Ugo Cameravera-wang-wedding-dresses-4

Vera Wang is a very famous Chinese designer who is based in New York. She’s known for her designs most especially because of her very wide range of wedding dresses and bridesmaid gowns. She was a senior fashion editor of Vogue in the year 1970 so now we know how credible her taste and fashion sense is.

Here’s her latest collection with the touch of black on some details like gloves, belts, straps and designs.



I never thought this color would be acceptable for this occasion. Before, black is always associated for funeral but now not anymore. No doubt we’re now living in a modern world.

More of Black Wedding Dresses from other Designers..













Notice the 3 photos about. The center is full black while the other wedding dresses on the left and right side are white but only with black shades on their embroiders.

Anyway, aside from Vera Wang designs well here are more of  these equally beautiful Designer Wedding Dresses from other fantastic designers.

Elie Saab Wedding Dresses




















Maggie Sottero Wedding Dresses





















Lazaro Wedding Dresses












Unique Wedding Dresses













Some ladies don’t really mind if they’re wearing a wedding dress made by someone famous. Sometimes,  they just prefer unique weddings gowns to amaze everyone. Whatever they wear for that special day they will be the most beautiful woman in the sight of their grooms anyway.




couture-wedding-dresses-4 couture-wedding-dresses-5


Couture Wedding Dresses that are very stylish.

Couture means handmade, so aren’t these handmade wedding downs below look gorgeous?!











Vintage Wedding Dresses

Even if we’re on the advanced taste for fashion these days, some bride-to-be are still fans of the traditional classic look like their mother’s wedding photos. More conservative and less revealing. Some are usually off-white or beige. The fashion sense of the old days! It’s a compliment moms and grand moms!











More of these conservative and Modest Wedding Dresses for you to choose from.


Beach Wedding Dresses

A part of this occasion’s evolution is that weddings are being held on different venues. It’s not limited to the Church or City Hall (for Civil) anymore. You have choices to held in directly on the reception hall, garden, house (most practiced in native races) and the most famous these days-pool side and beach weddings! So here are some beach wedding dresses designs for you. It’s basic characteristic is simple, light and less of bead works but sometimes shell designs and flowers are considered.











Here’s more of these lovely beach wedding gowns.











Short Wedding Dresses 

short-wedding-dresses-5 (2)short-wedding-dresses-1short-wedding-dresses-6

Since you know it’s sandy, you might wanna consider short wedding dresses. Some brides I know they wore nice flip flops or sandals matched for their beach weddings. Also, they wore sea-creatures-inspired accessories with shells. But wait, these short wedding gowns are not limited for beach weddings okay?:)




And some tea length wedding dresses too.

Tea length means dress length is in between the bottom of the knee and the bottom of the calf. Yup, lower than the knee but wouldn’t reach the ankle.











Usually, wedding gowns are white but differences can either silky and shiny, full of lace, full of embroideries, bubbly, layered and just catchy. Some are modified on different aspects like sleeves, belts, necklines and color itself. So here’s more for these categories mentioned.

Lace Wedding Dresses











Who would thought that these lace can be lovelier than ever imagined when used along with embroideries and bead works. These lace wedding dresses are used for the intention of not showing much skin, but still a less classic or vintage. So at least, see-through still makes the bride sexy. A wedding dress that’s fresh and light. Just right for the big day!











Bubble Wedding Dresses or layered wedding dresses

bubble-wedding-dresses-2 (2)bubble-wedding-dresses-4 (2)bubble-wedding-dresses-3





















It brings out the child in them. A little girl loves this balloon or bubble type gowns. Makes them feel like a princess of their own fairy tale. Oops! Before I forget, here are some Princess Wedding Dresses.












And of course, let’s not forget about real princesses’ weddings! Just in case you like a royal wedding gown inspired design, so here you go!

Famous Princess Diana and Princess Kate on their wedding gowns.











And here’s Disney Princess Wedding Dresses












Disney Wedding Dresses above are by designer Alfred Angelo.


















Now here’s some ball gown wedding dresses. Still on your Disney daydream tour!





















From the royal weddings, here’s some Celebrity Wedding Dresses that are sure lovely! In case you might be inspired to follow your TV idol’s wedding dress designs.












Anne Hathaway married  Adam Shulman. Notice her headpiece. Pretty!

Peyton Wright married Chris Lambton. She wore a white strapless gown.

Martha Patterson married Jared Followill. She had a feathered-skirt.













Ellie Kemper married Michael Koman. She had a laced gown with straps.

Molly Sims married Scott Stuber. She’s got lace sleeves and a veil.

Amy Smart married Carter Oosterhouse. She wore a simple casual wedding gown. Suits the location, at their farmhouse.

Source: Celebrity Bride Guide

Wedding Dresses with Belts, most with colored belts.

Since the wedding dress is usually white, the motif of the wedding can be seen on the belt of the bride then the rest of the entourage can wear dresses with the motif color too.




















Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

Some bride might be uncomfortable with the tube wedding gowns, so their still prefer gowns with sleeves to cover more flesh and make sure the dress won’t fall. Yay!

Let’s begin with the Long Sleeves Wedding Dresses.











Now here’s  Short Sleeves Wedding Dresses.












Strapless Wedding Dresses

So if you’re someone confident enough to carry out this strapless wedding dress or tube gown, then why not! You’d look best especially when your gown is your own preference.











Here’s more of these very Sexy Wedding Dresses. Oh wow, lucky are your grooms-to-be ladies!






















How about some Backless Wedding Dresses? Browse more..












Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Why suffer for rush heavy diet and workouts just to fit in a dream wedding gown you really like? Just look at these lovely ladies and how they wore these amazing plus size wedding dresses. Your weight won’t matter at all, it’s your BIG HEART that counts. Ooops, sorry it was a compliment okay?:)






Who says you’re not sexy if you’re wearing any of these gowns ? Who says you’re not perfect dear? <3
























Another popular design for wedding dresses these days is the Mermaid Wedding Dresses. Notice the waistline. It’s fit very well with the hips that’s why they call it Mermaid design.














More of Colored Wedding Dresses

Since you’ve seen the black wedding dresses above, as well as the vintage off-white wedding gowns, here’s more of the different colored wedding dresses.

Red Wedding Dresses

So striking and brings out the aggressive look of the bride.











Pink Wedding Dresses

So girly! And oh, it’s like a second-time-debut isn’t it?

I love pink <3





















Blue Wedding Dresses

Hmmm, I think this would suit beach or pool weddings too!











Green Wedding Dresses

Nature lover? Why not!











Camo Wedding Dresses

Who would ever thought camouflage can be an option for a wedding motif or even a wedding dress color? I assume these brides are marrying men in uniforms too!




















Indian Wedding Dresses



Indians love colors a lot, that even on their Holi festival they have these paint-throwing as part of their celebration. So as you see, even their wedding dresses are elegantly colored too. Usually coordinate with colors are silver and gold. Just makes the bride even more precious in the site of her groom-to-be.









latest saree 2011indian-wedding-dresses-6


The evolution of their designs.. Before, it was usually colored but lately they have wedding dresses of lighter colors but the bead works of gold and silvers are still there.

See the photo below.


Pakistani Wedding Dresses Wedding

Pakistan is also know for their very colorful customs. Actually, their wedding dresses designs and colors are almost the same with the Indian Wedding Dresses.  Oh my, they are sooo pretty!!!

































Maternity Wedding Dresses

Just because you’re pregnant, don’t ever think you are less pretty than other brides wearing their own gowns. Here’s some awesome maternity wedding gown designs that suits your condition and body shape. Yup, you are still in shape! Enjoy browsing loaded brides-to-be!














Even if they’ve got bigger tummies, pregnant brides have the right to wear the usual designs.




From left to right of first row: lace wedding dress, strapless wedding dress, silk wedding dress, wedding dress with belt, sexy wedding dress, wedding dress with straps, short wedding dress and wedding dress with sleeves.

Have you noticed the similarities on the above wedding dressing for pregnant brides? Well, these dresses may be silk, with lace and with ribbons but overall they are simple! Less embroideries, less bead works, just less of designs and yet they are still pretty. It’s not that they are less stylish! They are just being wiser since they need to save money as they are all expecting for future expenses when they give birth. Right!




Winter Wedding Dresses

As what I’ve said above, a wedding day wouldn’t always be on a nice warm and shiny season. So in case the wedding date is set on winter, don’t let it ruin your own “i do” day. Here’s some nice Winter Wedding Dresses that even if you’re covered up a bit, it won’t make you look dull at all. Still the loveliest bride of the day!















I have not put these wedding gowns into any of the categories above because I am so confused! But overall, I’d say these are no doubt such Beautiful Wedding Dresses!


































You really don’t need to spend to bankruptcy just to feel you had the best wedding. It’s very important to also consider your budget. If you can’t afford to have your own wedding dress to be made,  then to look for pre-owned wedding dresses, used wedding dresses or what they call second hand wedding dresses is quite a solution. But if you really wish a new wedding gown, don’t hesitate to browse wedding dresses that are cheap and yet in a good quality. I have been browsing some online shops and saw discounted wedding dresses. I’ve collected some photos for you to see if they would suit your taste, just in case you’re someone to be wedded outdoor, by the beach, garden or civil – then these inexpensive wedding dresses could be a good choice!

Samples of discounted wedding dresses


Some second hand wedding dresses










Again, you might wanna browse more from online shops. Shop wisely girls!

Pick your wedding dress , hear the wedding bells and walk on the aisle!

Congratulations and best wishes!