Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

frozen-disney-movieI can tell the the world is “FROZEN”! Well, not literally being chilled but what I really mean is that everyone’s addicted to the newest Walt Disney Pictures 3D animated musical film Frozen. Yes! I’ve seen it and I’m hearing it over and over again. In our country’s number 1 radio station MOR (My Only Radio for Life), the Frozen OST entitled “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel is played on an hourly slot. Imagine hearing the Frozen’s theme song 8 times a day when I’m at work, not to mention the countless times I hear them on my office mates’s cellphones being used as their ringtones, kids at church humming it or even the other track “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman” and most of all, my 2 cousins are abusing the repeat button of the Let It Go MP3 and movie here at home. Can this be the most of their addiction? I’d say a big no for that, read on and you’d understand what I mean.

The film had it’s general release last November 27, 2013. As always, just like any other Disney cartoons, Frozen captivated the hearts of every single kid that have watched the movie. So as expected, kids celebrating birthdays since the play date wanted a Frozen themed party! Oh yes!!! Imagine a winter theme the whole year round! Frozen party since December 2013 then January 2014 till today and I am so sure in the coming months, kids will ask their parents for a fun-filled and exciting Disney Frozen Birthday celebration. If you’re looking for the best ideas, sources of party supplies and more then I’d say you’ve found the right blog to help you on that. I’ve checked on every blog and compiled what I think is best! Some are birthday party supplies store while some blogs and videos are amazing Frozen tutorials. Browse on and trust me these Frozen ideas will mesmerize your kid and your kid’s birthday guests. Let the dream birthday come true for your little one!


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Disney Frozen Costumes

Let’s begin with what the birthday celebrant would need, a costume! The Disney Frozen characters are created wonderfully! They all look great and a friend of mine even thought Frozen was a Barbie series (yeah I guess that’s how pretty Elsa is).  The main casts of the movie are Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Prince Hans. Though the protagonist is a female (Elsa), in case you have a son and he wanted a Frozen party too then let him be Olaf or Kristoff. I’m not sure if any would like to be Prince Hans since is a villain at the end of the movie. Supporting characters are Sven (Kristoff’s reindeer), Duke of Weselton, Grand Pabbie, Oaken of the Trading post, King and Queen of Arendelle.

NOTE: Please don’t freak out that some of these costumes are quite expensive. Consider it a peak season and I’m not even sure if they’d be cheaper soon, I guess no.

Frozen Queen Elsa Costume

For a mother who likes to save, this Frozen Queen Elsa costume might be perfect for you! Approximately $30 for the cost of materials! They look equally pretty!

Tutorial from (Cost $30)

Tutorial from (Cost $30)

Frozen Princess Anna Costume

Buy this from Amazon @119.99

Buy this from Amazon @119.99

Or consider this second Anna costume but without cape. Luckily, one mom made a tutorial of creating your own Frozen Anna cape using a pink towel. See below!

Buy this at Amazon for only $40.95

Buy this at Amazon for only $40.95

“Anna’s” FROZEN Cape DIY {from a towel!}

Frozen Olaf Costume

Olaf costume tutorial

Olaf costume tutorial from Blogspot

A simple Olaf Costume DIY tutorial. Nice use of a plain white hat.

Here’s to a more precise Olaf costume. Can you do this?

How about an Olaf costume for little girls who love this adorable snowman?

Frozen Olaf Tutu for Girls

Frozen Kristoff Costume

How about this Kristoff costume tutorial is any of the parents are talented enough for a DIY!

Frozen Prince Hans Costume
Maybe Prince Hans is not really a likable character because I’m so sad to tell you, no one ever dared to create a tutorial Frozen DIY costume for him. Maybe in the future? Don’t worry I will surely add the links if even. At the moment, I only saw a it from Ebay.

Frozen Theme Birthday Invitations

Giving a hint about your party’s theme, it would be so cool to use Froze Themed invitations too! This is one of the most popular package I’ve seen on Pinterest.

Here’s another “for sale” Tutu Frozen themed invitation but I know it would be nice if you could just follow it in case you have enough time to prepared. It’s also from Etsy by the way.

If you find the above sample too girly, the next photo would suit boys’ party. It’s an Olaf invitation downloadable template!

Note: Please visit the source site to download it on it’s original size.

There are just lots for sale but I know you could do better that those just like the sample below.

Frozen Theme Birthday Party Decorations

Now if you’re thinking how you wanted your Frozen party to look like, below are the best I could suggest for you. If you would check on the source sites, these are actually packages of Frozen Party Supplies. They’d send you what is listed from the package (usually the accessories like tags, wrappers, printed labels, thank you cards and more) If you’re a crafty person with work force and materials, you might try creating your own materials too. Can you do it?

I browsed all over the net and realized there’s more lovely Frozen party ideas that are not limited with having supplies bought from Etsy or Ebay. Check out this cool Frozen stuffs!

This is one of the easiest way to decorate a venue for a winter season. Your very own cotton snow ball curtains at home!

Olaf Cotton Centerpiece

Another project out of cotton and this Olaf centerpiece is just too adorable!

Frozen Snowflakes Banners

Olaf Pumpkin Carving

And just in case your child’s birthday is also Halloween season, then these cute Olaf Pumpkin will be so much adorable to be a party of your birthday party decorations.

Olaf Pumpkin No Carving Decoration

Frozen Birthday Party Recipes 

Frozen Party Cake

Frozen Olaf Birthday Cake

Simple Frozen Cupcake

Frozen Themed Cupcakes

Olaf Snowman Marshmallow

With this, you can even let the kids do their own Olaf snowman! I’m sure they will enjoy doing this.

Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and Olaf Cookies

Frozen Olaf Mashmallow Pops

Frozen Snowman Pizza

Olaf Cheese Sticks

Putting labels for your Frozen food stuffs will be great so kids won’t be confused what these goodies are. 

Queen Elsa’s Frozen Heart / Heart-Shaped Strawberries

Frozen Popcorn

Kristoff’s Ice Blocks are made up of Blue Gellos and Sven’s Antler’s are the regular Sticks Prezels



Melted Snowman Bottled Water

Frozen Loot Bags / Party Favors / Treats

Frozen Party Games

Picking the Marshmallow Game

The player with the most number of marshmallows picked using the chopsticks will win the game.

Do you wanna build a snowman? 

This is played by different teams. Send them to different rooms (or areas) where the kids will find materials for the game.

Frozen Olaf Snowman Tissue Box Bowling

For an outdoor game, this would be so fun!

Frozen Olaf’s Pin the Nose game


Frozen Snowball Toss

Throwing the Marshmallow in Olaf’s Mouth

Saw this on Pinterest and it does looks fun too. I believe the player with the most number of mallows thrown in Olaf’s mouth wins the game.


Frozen Makeup Tutorial

If you want a Frozen Elsa or Frozen Anna transformation, be thankful there are talented and generous bloggers willing to share their Frozen makeup tutorials, not just on their blog sites but even on Youtube. Here are my recommendations!

Elsa Makeup Tutorial

Anna Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Frozen Nail Art

I’d say I’m an Olaf fan, so I decided to put here my top 3 Frozen themed Olaf nail art designs. Must love them, really!



Frozen OST (Official Sound Track)

Make sure you have the complete Frozen theme songs for background. The kids will surely go hyper upon hearing any of these on the party.

I hope you liked my Frozen Birthday Party compilation. You can also check on my Frozen the movie review and I will be very glad to hear about your own thoughts about the movie too. If you have something to say to me then don’t be shy guys, “let it go!” 😉

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