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classic-games-1If you could still remember, it was between the mid 1980’s and early 1990’s when this family disk computer system mania boomed in every part of the world. Yup! The family computer classic pc video games was a hit and it all then later on was modified by creating game boys, brick games, game and watch, play stations,desktop computer games and currently the android tablet applications. The craze over these family video games was not limited to the young ones alone because even the adults in the family were really hooked to play the old family computer games.

classic-games-3Since there was 4 children of us in the family, my parents were convinced to own a family computer at home with the condition of only playing during weekends. That if in case our grades would worsen, then our father would not let us play anymore. So in short, the presence of the family computer at home was a part of the motivation to perform well at school and the reward is to play and have fun together at home. I guess another good thing about having the family computer is that our parents are secured to know we’re staying together at home rather than running out in the neighborhood.

free downloadable games


SuperMario steps on the turtle to kill or defeat it. No blood stains at all.

If I am to compare the classic games to the modern games, obviously the games before were less violent than the games of today. Since there’s lots of role playing games these days with better 3D presentation & sound effects, everything is projected as a reality. Like real guns, real gun shots, real shouts, blood stains and more. Unlike the best family computer games and classic games , though some have firings too, they are just too cute and colorful that players are not disturbed with the killing or defeat of the enemies. Nothing that could influence the kids much and most importantly, not traumatizing as some of the violent games today.

classic-games-2I honestly missed playing on a family computer and I also missed the fun games before. This is the original look of family computer when it was first launched but had later modifications when it was released on some other countries the later years. So as you see, it comes with 2 joysticks or game controllers. That’s where the fun came from, playing together or playing against someone! Yup! There’s lots of video games to choose from and some are played having players 1 and 2 as allies while on some games, you have to compete with each other. You wouldn’t be able to play anything, unless you have a disk card (sometimes called as cartridges or tapes) where different kinds of games are stored.  There are some disk cards that contains a single game while some contains lots of games like 100-in-1. Famous publishers of these disk cards are Nintendo, CapCom, Konami, Bandai, Namco and Hudson Soft but other  less famous publishers attempted to create fun games too. You just can to set it up and connect to your TV then you’re on for gaming!

I won’t take any longer(oops!), if you know about these family pc games and quite missing it the way I do, then I’m giving you downloadable links for computer games download for these most famous family computer classic games that can be played on your desktop computer or laptops. Yup! These nester or NES games can be played using the keyboard as game control or you could buy joysticks with USB cable. Your youngsters may have tried playing these games on a game boy but let them know that playing together or competing with each other can be so much better.

free downloadable pc games

FIRST OF ALL, you guys need to download the free NES application. Then you’re all set to download the family computer classic NES video games for PC. Enjoy guys!

Adventure-IslandHudson’s Adventure Island game has Master Higgins as the main character whose girlfriend is being kidnapped by King Quiller. In order to save her, he has to finished 32 stages that’s composed of 8 worlds with 4 rounds for each. From the name itself, this game is filled with so much adventure and thrill! A side-scrolling game that can be played for 1 player only and is published by Hudson Soft

Adventure Island Game NES Free Download

balloon-fight-nes-gameBalloon Fight is similar to the 2D arcade game Joust that’s been popular in 1982. This could be played by 1 player or 2 players being allies. The game objective is fly and pop the balloons of the enemies to pop them. If your balloon gets popped, then you will be defeated. If the lightning strikes you, if you fall on the water and the piranha eats you and even if your balloons been popped by your team mate, that’s a LOSE for you. Published by Nintendo.

Balloon Fight Game NES Free Download

the-simpsons-video-gamesThe Simpsons game is a video game that’s based on the animated TV series The Simpsons that portrays the middle-class American lifestyle. The family members have superpowers resolve different situations.

The Simpsons Game NES Free Download

baseball-video-gameThere’s 2 video games for Baseball namely:

Baseball published by Nintendo.  Baseball Game NES Free Download

Baseball Stars was published by SNK. Baseball Stars Game NES Free Download

Battle-cityBattle City can be played by 2 tanks as allies. The objective of the game is to keep safe the headquarters. Every stage is a different platform of terrains and obstacles, so strategy is needed to pass the 35 stages together. Power ups are provided once you hit the flashing enemies.

Battle City Game NES Free Download

battle-ship-gameBattleship game is also known as Sea Battle. This is a guessing game published by various companies.  It’s also called as pencil and paper game. Can be played by 1 player against the computer.

Battleship Game NES Free Download

blastermaster-gameBlaster Master is published by Sunsoft for Nintendo and can be played by 1 player only. It’s a game with run and gun. The lead character of this game is named Jason and he’s following Fred (his pet frog) who went down to a hole. A tank is found down the hole which Jason will use to fight against mutants.

Blaster Master Game NES Free Download

More free virtual family games

b-wings-gameBattle Wings or usually called B-Wing / B-Wings is a shooting game.  It has 45 levels with different platforms. Can be played by 2 players on different turns. So the aim is to compete of who reaches the farthest stage. The player represents a ship which wings can be changed with different kinds and abilities. At the end of every stage, there is a lead villain which is a much bigger ship too.

B-Wings Game NES Free Download

Castle of Dragon – a great family games

Castle-of-DragonCastle of Dragon also known as Dragon unit is published by SETA for Nintento. This can be played by only 1 player. The character is a knight named Geraden trying to save the kingdom from the Dragon Master, Darklarza.

Castle of Dragon Game NES Free Download

castlevania-medusaCastlevania also known as Akumajō Dracula is a video game published by Konami. This can be played by 1 player, with the character of Simon Belmont who came from a family of vampire hunters. His adventure begins upon his enter to Dracula’s demonic castle. It’s similar to Castle of Dragon but I think Castlevania was more famous.

Castlevania Game NES Free Download

Chip and Dale no Daisakusen game or Disney’s Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers is based on the Chip ‘n Dale Walt Disney chipmunks characters.This can be played by 1 player or 2 players as allies. It has 2 versions (both by Capcom) and each with different platforms, mission and adventure.


1. Chip ‘n Dale 1 NES Free Download

2. Chip ‘n Dale 2 NES Free Download

circus-charlieCircus Charlie is a video game that can be played by 1 player or 2 players competing of whoever gets to the farthest stage. Every stage is a different kind of circus to perform and complete.  This is published by Konami. All stage and circus routine is adorable!

Circus Charlie Game NES Free Download

contra-gameContra video game can be played by 1 player or 2 players as allies. It is also known as  Gryzor in other countries. It’s published by Konami and 2 military commandos  are sent on a mission. The game would begin with 3 lives for each player but the Contra code would gain you 30 lives for each player.

Contra Game NES Free Download

Contra code : up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B,A,B,A,select,START (perform this in a fast manner)

dig-dug-gameDig Dug game also known as Digu Dagu can be played by 1 player or 2 players competing of whoever gets to the farthest stage. Published by Namco. The objective of the game is to dig and eliminate the underground monsters.

Dig Dug Game NES Free Download

Donkey Kong has different adventures on the 3 versions of video games. Published by Nintendo.Though the game is named Donkey Kong, for version #s 1 and 2, he is actually the villain here and the main character is called the Jumpman.

donkey-kong-game1. Donkey Kong – Jumpman must take different ladders of different floors to reach the highest floor and save the lady. Can be played by 1 player or 2 players competing of whoever gets to the farthest stage. Avoid Donkey Kong as he blocks your way.

Donkey Kong Game NES Free Download

donkey-kong-3-game2. Donkey Kong 3 – The Jumpman must jump and jump while shooting Donkey Kong till he hides. Can be played by 1 player or 2 players competing of whoever gets to the farthest stage. Avoid the insects.

Donkey Kong 3 Game NES Free Download

donkey-kong-jr-game3. Donkey Kong Jr -Finally, Donkey Kong is not the bad guy here. His Donkey Kong Jr. will strive hard to hang on the vines to reach the top and save his father. Jumpman will block your way. This can be played by 1 player or 2 players competing of whoever gets to the farthest stage.

Donkey Kong Jr Game NES Free Download

dr-mario-nes-Dr. Mario is has a Tetris platform. You just have to group 4 blocks or same colors to eliminated even the viruses. Instead of Tetris shapes, in this game you will see capsules and Dr. Mario is throwing it to you. This can be played alone, or can be played versus player 2 and the winner is the first to eliminate all viruses in his area.

Dr. Mario Jr Game NES Free Download

duck-hunt-gameDuck Hunt is a shooting game. You will be a hunter with your assistant hunting dog and your objective is to shoot ducks as many as you can. Can be played alone or competing for player 2 of whoever gets to the farthest roung. Published by Nintendo and should be played using a NES Zapper or Beam Gun. In short, I had never tried playing this one. lol

Duck Hunt Jr Game NES Free Download

excite-bike-gameExcitebike is a motor cross race. This can be played by 1 player and is published by Nintendo and Hudson Soft. The objective is to defeat other 4 races in reaching the finish line first.

Excitebike Game NES Free Download

final-fantasy-nes-gameFinal Fantasy video game is a role playing game of tiny characters. The character is to travel over world through foot, canoe, ship or airship. The plot has towns and dungeons. I am not fan of this but you can try it yourself if you wish.

Final Fantasy Game NES Free Download

galaga-gameGalaga or Gyaraga is a shooting video game.  The position of the space ship is vertically fixed but can move horizontally. The objective is to fire and eliminate all other spaceships found in the galaxy. This can be played alone or 2 players competing for the stage achievement. Published by Namco.

Galaga or Gyaraga Game NES Free Download

galaxian-gameGalaxian is also published by Namco, so from the name itself it is quite a modification of the famous Galaga game.

Galaxian Game NES Free Download


Ice Climber is one of my top favorites! Can be played alone or 2 players as allies. Make sure to go up to the highest floor together. Be ready to meet Snowman too. The 2 eskimos have mallets to break the ice above, jump and so on to reach the peak. A bonus area awaits you.

Ice Climber Game NES Free Download

iron-tank-gameIron Tank or Iron Tank: The Invasion of Normandy Great Tank can only be played by 1 player. Published by SNK and your character would be as a tank with a mission to defeat the enemies.

Iron Tank Game NES Free Download

mappy-gameMappy is a video game which the lead character is Mappy (a police mouse) tying to retrieve all stolen goods such as picture frames and etc to pass each stage. My mother is so good at this game! Lol. Be careful not to jump on the trampoline couple of times, else Mappy would fall.!

Mappy Game NES Free Download

mario-brothers-gameMario Brothers  is a super game than can be played alone (as Mario) and by 2 players (as Mario with Luigi) being allies to defeat all strange creatures that are coming out from the pipes. Cooperation is a must in this game!

Mario Brothers Game NES Free Download

megaman-6-gameMegaman VI is also known as Rockman 6 Shijō Saidai no Tatakai!! is a video game  that can be played by 1 player. It is published by Capcom for Nintendo. It’s tagged to be the greatest battle ever, knowing that the villain named Mr X has reprogrammed 8 powerful contestants for the robot fighting tournament. And it’s about Megaman has to beat all of the 8, so they won’t succeed in their intention of taking over the world. This is one of my brother’s favorite, because each of the 8 robots has it’s own strength and weakness so it’s for you to find out!

Megaman VI or Rockman 6 Game NES Free Download

ultra-game-metal-gear-gameUltra Games Metal Gear which is published by Konami is an adventure of an soldier name Soldier Snake. It is obviously an action filled video game. Not much of my type, but you might wanna try it.

Ultra Games Metal Gear Game NES Free Download

Mike-Tysons-Punch-Out-gameMike Tyson Punch Out is a video game published by Nintendo.  It’s a fighting-boxing video game then later on had a modified and better version named Super Punch Out! The character of the game is called Little Mac.

Mike Tyson Punch Out Game NES Free Download

ninja-kid-nes-gameNinja Kid published by Bandai is a video game having Kitaro as the main character. There will be a map with different arches, and each arch Kitaro would enter will be leading him to a different challenge, adventure and mission.

Ninja Kid Game NES Free Download

ninja-gaiden-gameNinja Gaiden 3 also known as Ninja Ryūkenden is published by Hudson Soft and Tecmo. It’s a journey of the ninja named Ryu Hayabusa who went to America to find out who is responsible of murdering his father.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Game NES Free Download

pacman-gamePacman game is one of the most famous and easiest video game ever. In a maze, pacman is to be controlled by the player on eating pac-dots or pellets. Eating flashing pellets would make Pacman faster, fiercer and could even eat out the enemies. Can be played by 1 player or 2 players competing for stage accomplishment.

Pacman Game NES Free Download

popeye-gamePopeye is a video game published by Nintendo based on the cartoon characters of Popeye the Sailorman, his sweetheart Olive Oil and the jealous macho villain name Brutus. Every stages has it’s own music and location but all have the mission of saving dear Olive. Spinach of course is also available to make Popeye stronger. I’m sad Wimpy is not here. 🙁 Can be played by 1 player or 2 players competing for stage accomplishment.

Popeye Game NES Free Download

rbi-baseball-gameRBI Baseball is published by Namco and Tengen. Obviously it’s a baseball video game. Can be played by 1 player or 2 players. I am not a fan of Baseball, so I have nothing much to say about this game. Sorry :p

RBI Baseball Game NES Free Download

road-fighter-gameRoad Fighter, if not mistaken is the first ever racing video game I’ve ever known. It’s a very simple yet challenging game.  It’s published by Konami and Palcom Software. The fuel is limited and would gain additional if your can touches other colored cars. Make sure to avoid the big trucks.

Road Fighter Game NES Free Download

road-blasters-gameRoad Blaster is another racing video game similar to Road Fighter. Only that, it’s bigger and Road Fighter is a game you play on top view while Road Blaster has forward pacing. Can be played by 1 player and has 4 different publishers for each of the 4 versions released.

Road Blaster Game NES Free Download

robocop-nes-gameRobocop is based on the movie RoboCap. This game is said to be terrible, but for Robocap fanatics well it’s not bad to give it a try. Can be played by 1 player.

Robocop Game NES Free Download

robowarrior-gameRoboWarrior is like robocap too, but the cyborg is named Zed which landed on the alien planet to destroy the aliens and their leader. Zed has to bomb to pass his paths-bushes,rocks,forests and while killing enemies he will be able to collect items. Can be played by 1 player.

RoboWarrior Game NES Free Download

rolling-thunder-gameRolling Thunder which is published by Atari Games and Namco is a video game composed of 2 stories with 5 stages each. The lead character (member of Police unit) is to save a  missing female agent.

Rolling Thunder Game NES Free Download

super-mario-brothers-2-gameSuper Mario Bros. 2 can be played by 1 player. It’s published by Nintendo and Fuji Television. This is actually a sequel of the Super Mario Bros, but this adventure filled game is played on solo but you have options to choose from 4 characters upon playing -Mario,Luigi,Princess and Mushroom.

Super Mario Bros. 2 Game NES Free Download

tennis-gameTennis video game is published by Nintendo. This can be played by singles or doubles being allies. This a very easy and simple game, yet it’s still so much fun.

Tennis Game NES Free Download

tetris-nes-gameTetris is one of the most published puzzle game from different publishers. This is a strategic mind game. What’s fun about this version from Tengen is that it has different options to be played.

-1 player

-2 players competing

-2 players cooperating

-1 player vs. computer

-1 player with computer (cooperating)

Tetris Game NES Free Download

twinbee-gameTwinbee is one of the cutest video game I’ve ever played. It’s a vertical scrolling adventure published by Konami, Sharp and Nintendo. As the game goes on, there will be different items and power ups. This can be played by 1 player or 2 players as allies. Player 1 is Twinbee and Player 2 is Winbee, they are twin spacecrafts.

Twinbee Game NES Free Download

HOW TO PLAY NES (Nintendo Entertainment SystemON PC?

Not a problem at all! It’s very easy. Watch the video below or read the quick step-by-step instructions. Make sure to set the video on 480p for better quality.


1. Open the NESTER window. It’s the 1 with the “yellow shocked face” icon.

2. Drag any game you wish into the NESTER box.

3. Click “options” to set on the player 1 and player 2 key controls. You don’t need to set this if you have your PC joysticks or game controllers. You also have the option for normal size but it’s too tiny so I’d rather choose the double size.

4. Then start gaming! 😀


Finally it’s done! Hope you guys would love the family computer NES video games. And what’s best about them in this page is that you could download them all for FREE! I know it’s awesome! LOL. I’m sure to update this the moment I find the Olympics video game. Can’t find it yet but soon! Just sharing, I’m still a fan of the good-old-days classic games. Where most are cuties, easy, simple and less violent! Don’t hesitate to download, buy a joystick for PC and play with someone. Also, leave a comment in case there’d be problems on any of the download links. Happy Gaming everyone!